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Kol - Distillerie Ambulante

“ Dimitri : Hey, I’m leaving to Bali next week on this consulting mission for 5 days, any idea where to hang at night?

Shirley : Haha poor you, my friends and I are going there to get wasted, come hang with us on the beach next Thursday! ”

Ehanced journey planning.

A classic trip planning often rhymes with booking flight tickets, transfers and accommodation. How about planning also who you going to meet once there? Planning on leaving far away to Mauritius or even somewhere less exotic like a rather boring corporate trip to London? Take a tour first on how to clearly make your trip totally optimized from a social and experimental point of view!

Welcome to Kol!

Travel in the 4th dimension.

After simply entering WHERE and WHEN you are going to travel, dive in a humongous number of Karryiers travelling to same place at the same time. Feeling like talking to Katya who’s travelling to Bali just when you are? Intuitively tap on her profile, get to check her main info at a glance and start chatting.

Bond after travelling

To become a Karryier is to become a connected traveler.

Remember all these holiday or corporate trips where the first few days were always dedicated to finding out who to hang out with? Where to hang out? Worry no more, by chatting with users from all around the world prior to travelling, you’ll simply have to plan friendly drinks, a romantic dinner or even a surf session with friends ahead all in one go!

Different cultures, same destination

Easy as ABC.

A tutorial? Nah! Just download Karry on iOS or Android, sign in through Facebook or - for the first time - on Instagram, type in your destination as well as your travel dates and boom! just get sent into our limitless KPF and meet people from New York, Moscow, Paris or Tokyo travelling to Bali just like you at the same time!

Using Karry is easy as ABC
Bond after travelling